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"The premier community for new game developers"

—Luther Patenge, Joy Manufacturing Co.

What makes Gamkedo Club different?

It's not like meetups or other online communities

Team-based support

Team projects produce better results in a fraction of the time, with far less stress than doing it all alone. Because Gamkedo Club is a practice community, your team members are understanding of mistakes and eager to help with questions.

Sustainable Approach

We finish every game we start, releasing on deadline. However, we appreciate that full-time jobs, classwork, and/or families take priority. Our system helps you get things done, but in a balanced way to fit with your life and responsibilities.

24/7 Worldwide Community

We have members all over the globe, collaborating from nearly 20 countries across 6 continents. Whichever days or times in a given week work best for you to chat with the community or tinker on a shared project odds are good you'll find others also awake and involved.

1-on-1 mentorship

Being stuck or confused is overwhelming, killing momentum. The club's founder is a professional private trainer in game development, with over 1,000 hours of 1-on-1 experience. As a club member, you can regularly schedule time for help with code, design process, and planning.

What people are saying

Being in a productive community will help you be more productive. Check out this video to hear from members and industry how it all works.

Members made over 45 games together. A few highlights:

4 months of part-time developmentCritical Alpha: Afterburner

Critical Alpha is an arcade combat flight-sim with procedurally generated landscapes and randomized missions. Set across four different time-periods, you'll fight bad guys using biplanes, jet fighters, and two types of futuristic spacecraft.

Play now

2 months of part-time developmentMage Hook

Mage Hook is a Zelda-inspired dungeon adventure. Play as an undead ship's captain fighting through monsters to upgrade your fire spell, overcome the bosses, and escape the haunted castle. Members around the world from Canada (x3), Turkey (x2), US, South Africa, Russia, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia collaborated online to create this game.

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5 months of part-time developmentSunbeam

Sunbeam is a relaxing first-person puzzle/exploration game set on a small world. All the puzzles in Sunbeam involve sunlight in some way, using it to power up solar panels that help unlock the world for you to explore. Discover the mysteries of the world, how you came to be there, what happened to the previous inhabitants, and what all these mirrors and solar panels are for.

Play now

3 months of part-time developmentJourney of Little 2-bit

You know this kind of game. Everyone does. It's as straightforward as it is awesome. There's a spaceship, weapon upgrades, and a bunch of aliens that need to be shot down - even a few bosses. Go get'em.

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Gamkedo Club's goal is to get you making games. Although we are not a career training group, the skills and strategies we develop can be useful in professional advancement. One example:


Jenna Johnson
Member since Jan. 2018

I recently landed a new job, and I definitely feel like my participation in Gamkedo Club helped in a variety of ways during my interview and the run up to it. First and foremost, it gave me the confidence to stop saying the phrase, "I'm trying to learn Javascript" or describing my background in an apologetic way. When asked about my interest in coding, I was able to talk about making games collaboratively through this group, how fun it was to work with others, and the joy of figuring something out you had no idea how to do. Additionally, I've gotten more comfortable with the fact that it's okay not to know how to do something. Before, it felt like a stumbling block, but now I understand that that's just a part of the process, and a rather enjoyable one at that because when you do figure it out, you feel like a genius. Haha! Figuring this out was crucial as this particular job required a knowledge of SQL, and I didn't know SQL...yet. With the newfound opinion of "Whatever, I can learn anything.", I took an online course over a week and a half, and when I got the assessment for the job, I got a 98% which landed me the on-site interview! The biggest point of pride in the whole process was that the Hiring Manager told me I'll need to learn Python, but he's confident I "can pick that up quick considering my background." I am thankful to have found Gamkedo Club not only because of the technical skills it's teaching me but also the mindset it's helped me find and the extremely positive atmosphere that's been cultivated which encourages people to try.

Q&A with Industry Speakers Monthly!

We have 1 or more speakers per month join us to chat with members, including:

Be There Live

Every month you can meet a new speaker in meeting, getting your questions about industry answered.

Get All Videos

Joined after their talk, want to watch again, or can't attend the time? You'll have video of all speakers.

Be Informed

Considering a career in game development? Speakers share advice from their paths.

Your membership also includes:

In addition to team projects and personalized support, as a club member you'll have instant access to tons of lessons, tutorials, and resources.

Hands-On Intro to Game Programming550 page PDF textbook with code and exercises

Picked up by over 200,000 people to start game programming, our complete digital textbook has step-by-step construction of developing six games in a historical sequence: starting early 1970s style, then late 70s style, into early 80s, mid-80s, and beyond.

"I'm really enjoying Hands-On Intro to Game Programming, loving every second of it! It's just what I needed to get into game programming." -David 'Daitallica' Parfitt

Videogame Developer's Strategy Guide450 page PDF/ereader collection of articles

Whereas Hands-On Intro to Game Programming covers practical skills for doing game development, the strategy guide complements that learning with concepts for thinking and discussing game development in a realistic, grounded way.

"Hey Chris, I'm busy reading through your Videogame Developer's Strategy Guide. I just want to say, this has to be the best advice I've received in years. I've been struggling for a very long time trying to realize my game development dreams and ideas, but I'm always getting stuck. So far what I've read has really changed my perspective on how I approach my personal projects." -@Sigrath

How to Program Games 5 hour Udemy video course

Just as there's more to a class than the textbook, having a tour of the Hands-On Intro to Game Programming's core projects makes it easier to follow - especially straight from the author and original instructor! Guidance previously only available through hundreds of dollars in private training is now available to all club members, to be followed at your own pace.

Members-Only Unity Tutorials6 hours of video training modules

To help members transition to 3D we have a variety of Unity C# video tutorials. Just the first 2 videos from this sequence originally published for older versions of Unity received 100,000 views on YouTube, including use within university games courses.

Members-only Team ChatFor collaboration any time that works for you

Game development doesn't happen during the weekly meetings. Meetings are for progress updates, new game pitches, and guest speakers. The collaboration happens entirely online, scattered between meetings, whichever times or days fit for your schedule.

Peer Resource CollectionLots of great stuff to read and learn

The internet is a big place, and it can be hard to find useful things that help you make games. We've got an ever-growing, curated list of resources members have found actually worked for them, and can vouch for being worthwhile to tackle real challenges.

1-on-1 Help with Code and Design1 hour every other week, or weekly for leads

Before the club, Gamkedo was a private training service, providing personalized troubleshooting and guidance to game developers. That support is now part of membership in Gamkedo Club. Get help with programming, game design, and project planning related to any club game. We can also meet to discuss your goals, portfolio, and more.

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  • Hands-On Intro to Game Programming
    550 pg. ebook
  • Videogame Developer's Strategy Guide
    450 pg. ebook
  • How to Program Games
    5 hour video course
  • Members-Only Unity 5.5 Videos
    6 hours of tutorial modules
  • Members-only Community Chat
    Chat and collaborate at your convenience
  • Members-only Resource Collection
    Make better use of your learning time
  • Gamkedo Academy
    Optional introductory training sequence
  • Make games with other club members
    Whenever you have time
  • Meet people and make friends
    We hang out by making games together
  • Learn awesome stuff from smart people
    Friends around the globe are eager to help
  • Access to weekly online meetings
    Sundays 11:30am Pacific (not mandatory)
  • All previous weekly meeting videos
    Includes recordings of industry speakers
  • 1-on-1 Help with Code and Design
    Up to every other week, or weekly for leads
  • Collaborative Mentorship
    With Mentor Christer Kaitila of #1GAM!

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You'll be making games within 30 days, or it's free.

Gamkedo Club's approach has worked for so many people, we're confident it'll work for you. We'll get you the fundamentals and plugged into team projects. Try Gamkedo Club membership for one month risk-free. If you're not getting experience at a pace you're satisfied with within a month of joining let us know for a full refund.

"I think what you're doing is the future of educating real game developers. It's really practical and hands-on in a way that the education sticks."

Stephanie Barish
Founder and CEO of IndieCade

"I've seen the Gamkedo Club in action and was amazed at the passion and productivity of its members. I can think of no better way for people interested in game development, whether as a hobby or as a career, to quickly level up their skills!"


  • What if I don't know how to make games?

    As long as you're willing to learn and get involved we'll help you learn as you go. We've had many team games led by members who had no prior experience when they joined. When you join you'll get personalized support through our introductory video course, now used by over 100,000 people, in addition to our complete digital textbook and follow-up course ($45 value) at no added cost.

  • What if I don't have much time?

    Nearly all club members either have full-time jobs, are students taking full-time college courses, and/or are raising families. The club's training materials, flexible process, personal assistance, and encouraging community helps you get more learning and development done in the few hours or evenings you can put into practicing game development each week.

  • Can I be an "idea person" and have others make my game for me?

    No. The way our club operates is that if you want to decide what gets done or how, you've got to be the one making it happen. We'll help you pick up the practical skills necessary to do this.

  • Does this club meet in-person?

    No. The club is 100% online. Everything we do can work virtually anywhere with an internet connection. We have contributing members in 16 time zones, including every continent except Antarctica.

  • Who has rights to the work?

    Members retain complete copyright to the intellectual property they produce. As per our membership agreement, all we ask is that the material can also (non-exclusive license) remain in the free club project to keep portfolios whole.

  • Are club games sold?

    No, all games produced in the club are non-commercial: no in-app purchases, no price tag, no ads, and so on. Because the club does not ask you to sign over rights, you are welcome to sell or reuse your parts (music, art, code...) on Asset Store, iTunes, commercial projects, etc.

  • What's the minimum age?

    The club is designed for members 18 or older. Some special exceptions are worked out via parental agreement if an older sibling or parent is also an active member in the club. Discussion and game content is kept professional and mostly family-friendly (no more intense than T or PG-13, and avoiding violence against people) since it's often shared with family members or recruiters.

  • Do you have scholarships?

    Thanks to people on Gamkedo's Patreon there are Sponsored Membership spots at no cost. There's a short application. Availability is limited, not every application can be accepted, and there's usually a wait list.

    Unlike a college scholarship or job application, this isn't a test to impress us. All we're looking for is you understand what we do and will use the opportunity. Here's a video about how this works.

  • Which programming languages or engines are used in this club?

    Club 2D games are developed in browser JavaScript for HTML5 Canvas, usually without outside frameworks. Club 3D games are made using Unity and C#, generally without Asset Store usage. We don't argue that these platforms we use are perfect, or ideal for every possible situation, but browser JS and Unity C# both work particularly well for our scope and approach.

  • Why not Game Maker / Unreal / Assembly / etc.?

    By all sticking to 2 platforms: experienced members can better help newcomers with specific questions, all past project code becomes directly useful for reference, there's no added barrier to joining new projects, and members can develop (plus demonstrate!) depth of ability instead of merely a surface familiarity from hopping between many options.


About us

We love helping people learn to make games.

About Gamkedo Club

Gamkedo Club was founded in 2015 to help anyone learn practical skills by making games together. Originally a local Los Angeles group ("LAGameDevs"), long-distance members soon became involved. We converted to online-only around halfway through 2016. This improved the experience for all members - even those of us in LA no longer had to fight traffic weekly! The club has been fully online ever since.

We keep a number of traditions in our weekly online video meetings that reflect our origins as a local group. This, combined with members building projects together, helps people around the world feel welcome and connected as a real community of people who know one another. Much of what keeps us learning is our interest in being able to better help each other out.

Our mission

Our mission is to make team game development more accessible than playing an instrument, amateur sport, or traditional art. We do this by helping people new to team game development with training, structure, support, and resources. Central to making this accessible is making it available at a price which doesn't burn savings, require loans, involve quitting a day job, or place unrealistic expectations on overnight success.

Like learning an instrument, sport, or traditional art, some who practice at club level may pursue it as a career, but others will not. By making games in a sustainable, self-directed, and creatively fulfilling way, it doesn't have to become a job to be justified. Everyone involved develops new skills, meets great people, and creates fun games. Awesome.

The team

Community Building for 13 years
Alongside his professional game design experience, Gamkedo's founder has worked relentlessly to help the next generation of gamedevs get started.

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  • 3.7m+Views

  • 64k+Subscribers

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