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Make What You Want

You won't be assigned to games or roles. Join (or lead) games you want to make. The club works on multiple games at a time. Follow your interests. Try new skills. Get practice.

Work Together

We are all here to help one another learn and create. Our club does not approach making games as a competition. Everything is faster and easier with a supportive peer group.

Practice Year-Round

Our approach works in your busy life. Club games come together over months, with most members fitting in a few hours each week. Everyone's schedule is different.

Get Personalized Help

Learn as you go, with confidence. Membership includes months of training materials, our members forum, and help from experienced, professional mentors.

Members worldwide meet online for video meeting 12:30pm (Pacific timezone) every Sunday.
We originally met locally in Beverly Hills, but today we have members in 12 time zones.

We also host industry speakers for members to meet in online meetings:

Games In-Development

Images in this section are of works-in-progress. Another 1 or 2 games will start soon.


Development Time:
Nov 20 - April 17, 2017

First-person puzzle world

Pitched and Led by: Tim Waskett

Team So Far (subject to change): Micky Turner, Nick Baker, Reid Alford, Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila, Nicholas Polchies, Caspar Dunant, James C. Hoffman, Chris Markle

Singed Dirt

Development Time:
Jan 2 - May 21, 2017

3D adaptation of classic Scorched Earth

Pitched and Led by: Jeremy Kenyon

Team So Far (subject to change): Jessica Fichot, Lou "MassKonFuzion" Herard, Matthew Ko, Tylor Allison, Christer Kaitila, Caspar Dunant, Tim Waskett

Wrecking Cloud Derby

Development Time:
Mar 12 - Jun 11, 2017

Sci-fi hover vehicle destruction derby

Pitched and Led by: Chris DeLeon & Micky Turner

Team So Far (subject to change): Christer Kaitila, Caspar Dunant, Nikki Sapp, Nick Baker, Ashleigh Morris

Space Pool

Development Time:
Mar 19 - April 30, 2017

Asteroids-like with a shot twist and procedural tuning

Pitched and Led by: Ashleigh Morris

Team So Far (subject to change): Sergio Solorzano, Christer Kaitila, Caspar Dunant, Nikki Sapp, just pitched - more members coming on board soon!

Squash Encounter

Development Time:
Mar 19 - May 7, 2017

3D squash in-browser against an AI opponent

Pitched and Led by: Sergio Solorzano

Team So Far (subject to change): Ashleigh Morris, Andreas Lathe, Diego Souza, Jeremy Kenyon, Christer Kaitila, Matthew Ko, Caspar Dunant, Nikki Sapp, Tim Waskett

Games Completed by Gamkedo Teams

Every club game is made by team members working together for 1-5 months.

Windy Balloon

Development Time:
Dec 18 - Feb 19, 2017
Play: In-browser

Help Dr. Wendy B. Loon deliver the zombie cure in her hot air balloon

Lead, Tilt Effect, 3 Levels, Cutscene Anims: Chris DeLeon

Zombies, Twister, Sound Hooks, London: Sergio Solorzano

Temperature Spoil Code, Cooling Building: Eric Andrade

2 Monuments (NYC, Pisa), Menu Code: Matthew Ko

2 Monuments (Eiffel Tower, Temple of Heaven): c:games

Particle Effects for Wind, Fire, and Twister: Andreas Lathe

Sound Effects: Micky Turner

Gameplay Music: Thomas Kresge

Tutorial Level, Golden Gate Bridge Art: Ashleigh Morris

Warning Airplane Model & Flyover Code: Caspar Dunant

Mute Feature: William DiFruscio

Building Art (Main/Background in NYC, Pisa): Tyler Hays

VO, Level Select, Sound Code, 4 Levels: Christer Kaitila

Canvas Scale (As Coded for APC5): Nicholas Polchies

Critical Alpha: Afterburner

Development Time:
Oct 30 - Jan 15, 2017
Download (v0.99, 1 extra music track soon): PC / Mac / Linux

New missions and features for Critical Alpha

Reboot (Afterburner) team lead, ground obstacles and vehicle AI: Nicholas Polchies

Original (Critical Alpha) team lead, gameplay, menus, 1992 3D models, 1910 trees/blimp, and mars base: Tim Waskett

AI collision avoidance: Reid Alford

WW1 plane models (SpadXIII and Fokker Dr.I): Caspar Dunant

HUD design and programming, camera shake: Patrick Nugent

Spaceship models, X-29 cockpit, tank models, missiles: Chris DeLeon

Crystal aliens and alien projectile effects: Jeremy Kenyon

Sound design and music: James C. Hoffman

Space ambience: Micky Turner

Special Thanks for procgen terrain tutorial: Sebastian Lague (not a club member)


Development Time:
Nov 6 - Jan 29, 2017
Download: PC / Mac / Linux

Point and click 3d adventure. Viva la cube!

Project lead, player motion programming, puzzle and level design, writing: Chris Markle

Dialog and choice system programming: Reid Alford

Models (trash can, lamp, rug, frosted windows): Caspar Dunant

Models (toys, doors, salt & pepper shakers, food tray cart, table, stool, chairs), main menu UI programming, QA, audio integration: Oasis Rim

Models (signs), QA: Jeremy Kenyon

Sound effects and music: Micky Turner

Sound effects, funky guitar licks, QA: Christer Kaitila

Models (Security camera, keypad, kitchen cabinets and sink, tissue box), inventory system and item use programming, scene lighting: Chris DeLeon

Roman's Adventure

Development Time:
Sept 25 - Dec 11, 2016
Play: In-Browser

Discover the secrets of this haunted house's puzzles

Lead, Programmer, Level Design, Art: Oasis Rim

Environment Art, TitleScreen Art, Animated Character Art (Bat, Blob, Grey Skull): Matthew Ko

Programmer, Level Design, Art: Chris DeLeon

Writer: Chris Markle

Music: Jessica Fichot

Sound Effects: Micky Turner

Programmer (Sound, Attic Puzzle), Attic Level Art and Design: Caspar Dunant

Programmer (Keys/Doors): Paul Diaz

Environment Art (Study): Federico Leites

Animated Character Art (Pumpkin), Item Art (Flashlight): April Blair

Programmer (Ghost, Kitchen Puzzle Alpha), Kitchen/Bedroom Level Design: Ashleigh Morris

Animated Environment Art (Clock, Sconces, Plants) : Nick Baker

Character Art (Ghost): c: Games

Journey of Little 2-Bit

Development Time:
July 24 - Oct 9, 2016
Play: In-Browser (give sec to load)

Classic scrolling 2D sh'mup

Project Lead, Coding, Life/Health Art: SpadXIII

Rocket Art: Jeremy Kenyon

Story, Energy Ball, Rocket, and Space Ship Art: Chris Markle

Player Shields: Chris Karpyszyn

Tile Map Code, Stars Parallax: Chris DeLeon

Turrets Art: Mykola Mykhailytskyi

All Sounds: Micky Turner

Cave Level: C: Games

Level Design: Eric Andrade

Menu Music: Thomas Kresge

Bosses Art, Enemy Art, Playtesting: Oasis Rim

Page Styling, Weapons Art, Power-Ups, Turret Projectiles Art: Ashleigh Morris

Canvas Scaling, Playtesting: Nicholas Polchies

Wrecking Cloud

Development Time:
May 5 - July 31, 2016
Download: PC / Mac / Linux / Gameplay Video

Stop the robot invasion in fully-destroyable Earth ruins

Lead, Gameplay Code, Destroyable Buildings: Chris DeLeon

Art Lead, Robot 3D Models+Textures, Terrain, Research Buildings: Angelo Gazzia

Models for Wrecking Hovercraft, Fusion Core, and Fusion Collector Tank, also Sound Effects: Micky Turner

Tractor Beam, Giant AI, Explosion Effects, Collection Mode, Rocket Model: Jeremy Kenyon

Original Music: c:games

Addl. Story: Steve Palley

Addl. Fire and Sky VFX: Tim Waskett


Development Time:
Jan 7 - Feb 11, 2016
Play: In-Browser

Retro ant platformer with powers and puzzles

Project Co-Lead, Lead Level Designer: Henry Shotwell

Project Co-Lead, Art / Animation: Jonathon McClendon

Level Editor Design and Programming: Charlie Volpe

First Tile/Jump Code, Support, Brown Rooms: Chris DeLeon

Purple Rooms Level Design: Erik Verlage

Music Composer: Charlie Shotwell

Divine Disaster VR

Development Time:
Aug 14 - Dec 4, 2016
Download: PC / Mac / Linux

Become an angry deity, in HTC Vive VR

Project Lead, Level Design, Game Design, Main Programming: Jeremy Kenyon

Tree Models: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Music and Sound Effects: Micky Turner

Huts, Totem, and Meteor Models: Retrophil

Fire System, Hand Models/Animation: Reid Alford

Real-Time Terrain Deformation: Tim Waskett

Level Design, Little People Image: Chris DeLeon

Optiverse - Origins

Development Time:
Mar 3 - Apr 12, 2016
Play: In-Browser

Sci-fi themed optics-inspired puzzle game

Project Lead, Programming (Game Mechanics): Erik Verlage

Programming (Level Editor): Andreas Lathe

Programming (Menus, Audio): Marcus Silva

Artwork (Sprites): Dionell Macabugao

Programming (Cutscenes, Animation Code): Chris DeLeon

Sound Effects and Tracks: Thomas Kresge

Story: JL Evans

Level Design: Tim Waskett (10, Internal Reflection; 10, Mixed Mechanics), Erik Verlage (8, Tutorial), Marcus Silva (1, Curves), Dan Lazar (1, Reflection Brings Two Together)


Development Time:
Oct 23 - Nov 27, 2016
Play: In-Browser

Relaxing Mahjong Connect

Project Lead, Coding, Classic Tilesets: Caspar Dunant

Tileset Hiragana: Jeremy Kenyon

Tileset Crosspoint: Chris DeLeon and Erik Verlage

Sounds: Micky Turner

Music: Nick Baker

Thopiax: The Arena

Development Time:
Mar 24 - May 12, 2016
Play: In-Browser

Overhead co-op medieval battle

Design, Team Led, Menu Code, UI, Abilities (healing, horn, throwing attacks): Henry Shotwell

Player Character AI (Melee and Ranged), Collision and Enemy AI Bugfixing: Andreas Lathe

Waves Code, Weapons Code Refactor, Most Enemy AI, Polish/Fixes: Nicholas Polchies

3D Enemy Art, Arena, Columns: Angelo Gazzia

Animated Player Characters: Sasha Reneau

Original Soundtrack for Title and Action Music: Charlie Shotwell

Fire Spell Effects, Sound Code Hookups: Marcus Silva

Writing (Intro Story Text): Steve Palley

First Weapons (Sword, Shield, Arrow, Grapple Hook), Animation Code, Logo: Chris DeLeon


Development Time:
Feb 18 - May 19, 2016
Download v0.9: PC / Mac

Ranged tag online with toys in an office.

Project Lead, Concept, Networking, Gameplay Programming, Combo Plays, Scoring, Player UI, Lighting, Level Dressing, 3rd Person, Dart Gun Code: Dan Lazar

Water Cooler Station Art, Cubicles Art, Addl. Combo Plays Design: JL Evans

Event System, Level Design, Telepresence Robots and Terminal, Photocopiers, Ceiling Lights: Tim Waskett

Tripwire Weapon Code: Andreas Lathe

Combo System, Water Cooler Station Code: Nicholas Polchies

Tripwire Weapon Art: Sasha Reneau

Posters, Addl. Combo Plays Design: Jeremy Kenyon

Art for Player, Dart Gun, Soda, Vending, Filing Cabinet, Cubicle Decor, Trees, Carpet, Ceiling: Angelo Gazzia

Tooltips, Camera Tuning, Water Cooler Effects, Dart Nuke, Ammo Stations, Misc. Polish: Chris DeLeon

Arcade 88

Development Time:
Nov 12 - Dec 15, 2015
Download: PC / Mac Watch: Final Update

1980's-like arcade experience.

Team Lead, Programmer, People: Chris DeLeon

Dialog Design, Hats Cabinet, Game Design and Pixel Art for 6 games: Henry Shotwell

3D Cabinet Model: Eric Andrade

Cabinet Textures for 3 games: Sasha Reneau

Prizes art (Dice, Eyes): Charlie Volpe

Toy Gun Prize: Dan Lazer

Reagan Runner Concept, Boot Art: David Yoon

Music: Nate Chambers

Atmosphere SFX: Andy Hofle (found, non-member)

Music Producer: Mario Bueno (Creative Commons)

Accidental Personal Confusion

Development Time:
June 2 - July 17, 2016
Play: In-browser

Shoot bubbles with a bouncing cannon and color mixing!

Lead, Core Game Code, Grid Logic: Nicholas Polchies

Particle Effects, Cannon Powerup, Sound/BG Code, Code Cleanup: SpadXIII

Bubble, BG Art, Music, Color Mix Concept: c:games

Dashed Aimer: Chris Markle

Menu Code: Jeremy Kenyon

Hungry Game

Development Time:
Apr 21 - June 9, 2016
Play: In-Browser

Government has collapsed, gangs rove the streets... deliver pizzas to save the world!

Project Lead, Programmer, Game Designer: Jeremy Kenyon

Two neighborhoods, rifle and ammo code, enemy hit animations and health, menu mouseover, main menu colors, hud improvement, character model adjustments, enemy attacks, armor, addl. game design: Chris Karpyszyn

Created sound effects and music for game, created different building types: c: Games

Created model for main character, start screen image, ending level, oven: Angelo Gazzia

Developed the level editor (originally made for ANTventure, adapted for this game): Charlie Volpe

Legends of the Outlands

Development Time:
Jan 21 - Feb 25, 2016
Download: PC / Mac / Gameplay Video

Co-op puzzle solving adventure rats

Project Lead, Gameplay, Story, Character Model, Layouts, Environment Models, Puzzle Models, Logo: Leiah Fournier

Core Programming, Network Co-Op, Camera Movement, Player Controls, Audio: Jeremy Kenyon

Puzzle Animations, Environment and Puzzle Models: Tim Waskett

Player Ability Code, Puzzle Mechanics, Debugging: Nicholas Polchies

Textures, Shaders, Lighting, Environment Models: Dan Lazar

Addl. Models: Sponge, Closed Book, Dishsoap, Can: Charlie Volpe

Cooking Pot Model: JL Evans

Puzzle Mechanics, Debugging, Spoon & Spool Models: Chris DeLeon

Original Composition of Theme and Level Music: Thomas Kresge


Development Time:
June 19 - Aug 28, 2016
Play: In-Browser / Video Trailer

Solve puzzles by visually applying linear algebra concepts

Project Lead, Programming, UX/UI: Erik Verlage

Sound and Music: Micky Turner, Lily Pixie

Color Consultant: Sasha Reneau

Puzzle Design: Erik Verlage, Tim Waskett, Chris DeLeon, Jeremy Kenyon, Chris Markle, Micky Turner, and Paul Diaz

Level Card Icon Generator: Chris DeLeon

Level Testers: Alex Verlage, Sunita Darbe, Midori Shibuya, Sarah Haney, and Kelsey Murphy

Galaxy Breacher

Development Time:
Oct 1 - Nov 6, 2015
Download: PC / Mac Watch: Video Trailer

3D space combat, lone interceptor facing huge ships.

Project Lead, Gameplay, Levels: Chris DeLeon

Models for Serpent, Interceptor, & Turret: Dan Lazar

Ship & Serpent Textures, Game Logo: Sasha Reneau

UI Design and Implementation: Marcus Silva

Sound Effects and Original Music: Nathan Chambers

Narrative Design: Leiah Fournier

Creative Commons Music Selection: Joe Spradley

Music: Kevin MacLeod (Creative Commons)

Percival Peckinpah, Professional Picnic Packer

Development Time:
Jan 7 - Feb 4, 2016
Download: PC / Mac

Be the best at packing picnics

Co-Lead, Concept, Models, Design, Writing, UI Design: Sasha Reneau

Co-Lead, Production, Concept, Design, Level Design: Steve Palley

Music: Thomas Kresge

Models, Code, Lighting, Audio/VO: Chris DeLeon

Writing: Jeremy Kenyon

Furniture, Addl. Models: Dan Lazar

Critical Alpha

Development Time:
May 19 - July 17, 2016
Download: / Video

Procedurally generated terrain and missions in an aerial combat game, across multiple time periods

Lead Design, Gameplay Programming: Tim Waskett

HUD Design and Programming: Patrick Nugent

3D Modeling: Tim Waskett, SpadXIII, Chris DeLeon, Jeremy Kenyon

Sound Design: James C. Hoffman

Special Thanks: Sebastian Lague

Pizza Rat Forever

Development Time:
Oct 29 - Dec 3, 2015
Download: PC / Mac

Find the pizza and drag it home. Don't get squashed!

Lead, Concept, Design, Coding, Music: Steve Palley

Models (All Except Boot), Addl. AI Script: Dan Lazar

Boot Model, Sounds: David Yoon

Addl. Design & Code, Wall & Floor Art: Chris DeLeon

Cat's Meow

Development Time:
Dec 10 - Mar 17, 2016
Download: PC / Mac

A near-future dystopian cat adoption game show

Project Lead: Jeremy Kenyon

Cat Modeling and Animation: Dan Lazar

Environmental Modeling: JL Evans, Leiah Fournier

Game Show Music: Thomas Kresge

Programming: Patrick Nugent, JL Evans, Jeremy Kenyon

Crowd Chant/Cheer: Leiah Fournier, Erik Verlage, Steve Palley, Sasha Reneau, Charlie Volpe, Henry Shotwell, Chris DeLeon

Main Menu Music: Kevin MacLeod ("Hep Cats" - non-member, Creative Commons,

Little Brother

Development Time:
Oct 8 - Nov 6, 2015
Play: In-Browser (Chrome recommended)

Wikileaks/NSA-themed match-3 game.

Project Lead, Main Programming: Jeremy Kenyon

Art: Sasha Reneau

Game Programming: Marcus Silva, Sam Tobia

Music: Calix Reneau

Terminal Prophecy VR

Development Time:
Jan 14 - Feb 18, 2016
See: Section of Club Demo Video (APK unavailable since Samsung Gear VR requires per-headset configuration)

Blast flying viruses with your face laser!

Design, Pitch, VFX, Concept by: Calix Reneau

Writing: Leiah Fournier

Code, Art, Sound, VO: Chris DeLeon

Music: Nate Chambers

Foam Corps

Development Time:
Oct 19 - Dec 3, 2015
Download: PC / Mac

Use foam darts to defeat hidden office zombies. Online co-op.

Lead, Main Programming, Concept, Character and Environ Models, Networking, Lighting, Game Modes, AI: Dan Lazar

Git Setup, Cursorlock, Tuning: Marcus Silva

Speed and Health Powerups: Jeremy Kenyon

Music: Nathan Chambers

Prop Placement, Watergun Art, Title Screen: Chris DeLeon

Addl. Concepts: Calix Reneau

Testers: Allen Wan, Patrick Nugent

Lunar League Fütbol

Development Time:
Nov 23 - Jan 7, 2016
Play: In-Browser

Overhead pick-up soccer on the moon

Concept, Pitched by: Joe Spradley

Player+Score Code: Charlie Volpe

AI Code: Marcus Silva

Art, Ball Code: Chris DeLeon

Sound Effects: Patrick Nugent

Nightmare Sky

Development Time:
Aug 7 - Sept 18, 2016
Download: PC / Mac / Linux

Jump between clouds! Discover fantastic treasures!

Pitch, Concept, Main Code: Chris DeLeon

Monster Model, Sound: Micky Turner

Original Music, FMOD: Thomas Kresge

Writing, Menu UI: Chris Markle

Game Title: Mass KonFuzion

Trail Shaders, Sky/Ground Fade: Nicholas Polchies

Addl. Early Story Input: Chris Karpyszyn

Cabinet Model from Arcade 88: Eric Andrade

Castle Model from Pirate Moon: Jeremy Kenyon

Cloud Spawn and Terrain Code from Critical Alpha: Tim Waskett

Special Thanks: Sebastian Lague

Official Gamkedo Mentors

Team leads also informally mentor collaborators and newer members

Founder & Guide Chris DeLeon

Hi! I live in an L.A. apartment with my fiancée Laura and our 3-year-old gray cat EDI. I've been making games for 20 years, including pro game design on console games for Electronic Arts, in casual web games at a Silicon Valley start-up, and indie mobile (including the #2 top ranked game in 2008). Before starting Gamkedo I taught game creation skills at Georgia Tech. On the side I organize IndieCade's workshops in L.A. and Paris, teach kids coding in Malibu, and do game developer outreach now with over 60 podcast episodes and 120 YouTube videos. Additionally I've recently started writing episodes for Extra Credits (1, 2).

Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2011 2010 IndieCade Finalist, now GameU Co-Chair Technical Game Designer for Electronic Arts Los Angeles Will Wright's Stupid Fun Club Entertainment R&D Silicon Valley Startup Game Tool Coarchitect Blogger for 6 years Online Instructor Georgia Tech Club Founder Podcast host Los Angeles Club Founder Carnegie Mellon Club Cofounder

Forbes 30 Under 30 for Entertainment in 2011
IndieCade 2010 Finalist, GameU Co-Chair since 2014
• Club Founder (Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, global)
• Twitter @Gamkedo, worldwide community
• Udemy instructor teaching 46,000 students
HobbyGameDev blog six years of weekly articles
Conference Speaker, both academic and industry
• Engine & levels, Vision by Proxy 2, 7+ million plays
Interaction Artist, 219 daily experimental prototypes
• Given over 900 hours of private training in gamedev
Book in Humble Freedom Bundle, 100% for charities

Mentor-in-Residence Christer Kaitila

Lead programmer on over 100 non-game software projects, one day he put a quarter into a dusty Ms. Pac Man machine that shouldn't have even been there. He had the perfect game; beat the decades-old high score in front of his girlfriend, and had a life-changing epiphany. Developing business software was not going to make him happy. He quit his job that very day, dropped out of corporate society, married the girl who cheered him on, and devoted his life to making games. He was lucky. It turned out like he'd hoped.

• Founder of #1GAM, now on its 5th year
• Created 40 games
• Written 15 tutorials
• Two published books
• Composed 75 songs
• Professional voice actor
• Collaborative GameDev Mentor in Gamkedo Club


"I like that the group isn't tied to the physical location, making it possible to be part of a development group from anywhere. Gamkedo Club has helped to increase my skill level and provided good experience doing team projects."

Nicholas Polchies
Project Lead on 2 teams
Contributor on 6 games

Questions about Gamkedo Club?
or call 917-GAME-DEV (426-3338)


Does this club meet in-person?

We used to meet weekly in Beverly Hills. Now that many of our active members are around the world we've adjusted our club's weekly official update meetings to instead take place entirely online.

How is this not just a meetup or forum?

Meetups and most gamedev forums are about people catching up on their outside projects. The focus here is on games started within the club, developed by people who met through the club, and (in part) promoted by the club upon release.

How is this different from a game jam?

These projects span over a longer period of time, 1-5 months. Contributions are spread over the project's cycle – not while at update meetings – in small, cumulative efforts toward weekly goals, instead of being crammed into 48 sleepless hours as we see in jams. This makes our game development practice a sustainable activity year-round.

What's the time commitment?

The time needed per member is totally flexible. Project leads typically put in 1-2 evenings per week to keep the game they're leading progressing steadily along, but among contributors time involvement varies considerably.

There's never pressure to take on more than someone's comfortable with. We understand that family, classes, and career take priority. Learn and practice at the pace you're comfortable with.

Do I need to live in Los Angeles?

Not at all. That was the case for our first few months, but now many of our project leads and collaborators are around the world. You can live virtually anywhere and participate. At the time of this update we currently have club members living in 12 timezones.

Our weekly meetings now happen live online as group video chat. Collaboration between update meetings takes place on our club Slack forum, Github, and other online tools like Trello, Dropbox, Hangouts, and Skype.

To get started simply check out our section with membership details.

What if I don't know how to make games?

As long as you're willing to learn and get involved we'll help you learn as you go. You don't have to be or become a programmer, either; many of our members contribute sounds, digital art, original music, levels, logos, and so on.

Can I be an "idea person" and have others make my game for me?

No, sorry, that's not what this is about. If you'd like to join in, we can help you pick up some basic practical skills so that you can lend a hand in bringing your ideas to life, too.

What if I want to make a type of game the club isn't currently developing?

As long as you have the skills to lead it and pull together the core of the gameplay, you can pitch and start a team to create whichever kind of game interests you. If you don't yet have all of the required skills to lead its development then it's also an option to Joint Pitch, where you can pair up with the club's founder or another willing member who can fill in the gaps then lead the project together.

Is it too late to join?

It's never too late to get involved! All game teams are flexible to new people joining on any given week. We frequently have new projects starting, and members get access to a video archive of all past meetings in case they wish to catch up on what's been happening.

Are the games sold?

No, all games produced in the club are non-commercial: no in-app purchases, no price tag, no integrated ads, and so on. This is important because the projects serve as a practice role for many people involved. Keeping the games non-commercial greatly lowers the barrier for involvement and keeps pressure down.

Who owns the rights to the work?

Members retain complete copyright to the intellectual property they produce (i.e. they are welcome to reuse, share, or even sell their specific contributed parts). We ask, for the good of peers, only two exceptions as a condition for membership: (1.) that once your work is included in a game released for free by the club you'll allow it to remain in that game, and will not attempt to interrupt the game's availability in the future, and (2.) that screenshots, videos, released download files, detailed description, and other depictions of projects you worked on in the club on may be used by peers or the club for portfolios and club promotional purposes without seeking your specific permission.

What if I'm already a professional?

Join us to get non-commercial side project ideas out of your system. Several of our members are professional game developers. This club is where they have a creative outlet to make smaller projects, take bigger chances, or go outside their expert skill areas.

Club participation empowers a level of creative freedom and total flexibility that can be extremely tough to find, even for someone working on a successful franchise or fully funded professional project. This is about bringing people together to practice skills we feel like practicing to develop games we feel like making.