Speaking, Writing, and Teaching Experience

• Currently: I create and support online video courses, lead a worldwide team game development practice club, host a guest interviews podcast, teach Kindergarten-4th graders coding concepts at Sycamore School in Malibu, serve on the advisory board of Augustus Hawkins High School's C:DAGS (Critical Design and Gaming School), and coordinate/oversee all workshops for IndieCade in Los Angeles (past 3 years) and Paris (now in its first year)

• Global Game Jam Keynote Speaker at Art Institute of California in Hollywood: Advice for new team developers

• East Coast High School Guest Speaker: Covered game development applications of math, with extensive Q&A

• Grand Terrace High School Career Week: Auditorium lecture on game creation careers, industry changes

• Second Grade Surprise Speaker: Shared foundational concepts and stories about making our own games

• IndieCade East 2016: on a panel about building game developer communities, based on my 3 practice clubs

• USC, Interactive Media & Games Division: summary of pinball history, arcade gameplay design, and digital rules

• 11th Grade Game Development in LA (Unity/C#): on industry feedback panel for 3 classes (~20 presentations)

• 9th and 10th Grade Game Development Math: Taught over Skype how school math is used in game programming

• Moorpark College Game Design Class: Presented on techniques, careers, and recent industry changes

• GameU Moderator: Facilitated panels on impostor syndrome and comparing game design academic programs

• IndieCade 2015 & Encore for Becker College IGDA: Talk on common mistakes by new game developers

• High School Speaker, 4 times: Taught applications of math (algebra, geometry, and trig) for programming games

How to Program Games, Tile Classics in JS: a paid Udemy course that includes my digital textbook

• Speaker for Los Angeles Indie Dev Club: Discussed professional mobile development experience

#GameDev JumpStart: Two 1-hour talks for an online mini-conference I organized with 4 speakers

• Guest Speaker for SAE Institute: Spoke on game development careers with game art and design students

Code Your First Game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript on Canvas: Taught an introductory Udemy course

• Middle School Game Group Support: Answered student questions and helped form an actionable plan

• Hands-On Intro to Game Programming: Wrote a 550-page digital textbook for new game programmers

• University of Michigan Game Development Class: Part of a panel discussing game development careers

• High School Guest Speaker: Discussed student-project strategies, also joined curriculum revision meeting

• HobbyGameDev.com: Blogging for six years about issues and strategies in non-commercial game making

• NIH Think Tank: Game development representative in a meeting on potential biomedical research

• IndieCade GameU Co-Chair: Assembled speakers for two full days of workshops, presented there on (A.) Game Development Considerations for Parents of Young Game Developers and (B.) Classical/Historical Game Design

• Georgia Tech Brown Bag: Shared research on influence of payment models on game design

• Georgia Tech Instructor: Taught an undergraduate course on interactive media design in Unity3D

Game Developers Conference (Education Summit): Shared our game development club processes

• GT High School Mathematics Competition: Explained uses of high school math in game programming

• SCAD Savannah Guest Speaker: Presented on small team project management tips and strategies

• Contributing Author to La Fabrique des Jeux Vidéo: Wrote a chapter on the evolution of game spaces

• YWCA Cascade House Volunteer: Helped teens learn game programming on weekends for 8 months

• DiGRA: Shared original research on differences between digital and non-digital game rules

• GTRIC Conference: Discussed design patterns from 7 months making daily prototypes

• History of Games International Conference: Presented master's thesis about pinball's influences on game design

• (2 years, 4 classes) Graduate TA: Taught graduate students Java, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Unity3D

• UCLA Game Art Festival: Showcased my 3D Escher "notgame" at the Los Angeles Hammer Museum

• (3 years, 4 talks) SIEGE: Presented on iOS, first projects, HTML5 vs AS3, and student challenges

• Game Developers Conference (Rapid-Fire Indies): Spoke on the practical value of design constraints

• IndieCade Micro-Talk: Advocated for teaching videogame creation as a new high school shop class

Georgia Tech VGDev: Founder and president of college game development club, creates 10-14 games/year

• Step-by-Step Game Development: Led a Hacker Dojo workshop on introductory game development

• Academy of Art: Shared and contrasted experiences from commercial and student game making

• Westwood College: Spoke on the career significance of making games as an extracurricular activity

• (2 years) Videogames as Art at UC Berkeley: Guest lecturer about art and experimental gameplay

• Camp Galileo Game Design, Lead Instructor: Taught ~60 preteens game design in 4 2-week classes

• Guest Speaker at Carnegie Mellon: Gave 45-minute talk on learning life values through gameplay

• Game Development Lessons: Trained four students one-on-one in independent videogame creation

• CMU MOSAIC Speaker: Presented about the history of gender issues in entertainment technology

• (2 years) CMU Summit Instructor: Coached three-day videogame design workshops for beginners

Carnegie Mellon Game Creation Society: Cofounded game development club, creates 10-14 games/year

• Developing Developers Series: Prepared and delivered nine full lectures on videogame creation

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